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Posted in News on September 10, 2008 by beatsandbombs

Yo everyone….

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K-Ci Speaks About Drug Allegations and Sydney Performance

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Yesterday we showed you a video of Jojo absolutely wasted on stage and making a fool of himself. Well K-Ci got on the radio with Hot 97 in NY and tried to deny those allegations. He said that Jojo is epileptic and that they had a 20 hour flight to Australia and that he didn’t pass out on stage but had an epileptic seizure. Now I’m no doctor but I am Irish enough to know that is clearly not the case as the video shows, that dude is just fucked up. It makes it even sadder that instead of apologizing he made up excuses and said that he applauds his bro for even attempting to perform LOL. If he really was having an epileptic seizure and you knew it then why didn’t you help him out when he was having his “seizure” in the middle of the stage? I have seen someone have a seizure before and trust me it involves a lot of spastic shaking, which Jojo doesn’t do, he just passes out. Well enjoy your last time ever on Hot 97 because after this incident and the joke of an excuse you made up you guys will slowly fade further into irrelevance.

K-Ci Speaks On Drug Rumors & Sydney Performance

K-Ci and Jojo Drunk as Hell on Stage

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This isn’t even funny. Alright its pretty funny at first but then you realize that these dudes are grown men and you feel embarrassed for them especially Jojo.

Apparently this was filmed at a show in Australia recently.

Here is an article about it.

Read about K-Ci’s response on Hot 97 here.

Soulja Boy’s Myspace Hacked

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I heard that Soulja Boy’s MySpace got hacked over the weekend by some kid from Michigan. The hacker erased all his friends and pretty much everything else on SB’s page. He wrote on the page that he ws saving Hip-Hop haha. I am not for fucking with other people’s stuff but this is hilarious to me. Soulja Boy deserves it for acting like a fool all the god damn time. His most recent you tube videos finally show the world his ignorant self. Someone really needs to kick Soulja Boy’s ass.

Unfortunately Soulja Boy’s MySpace is working again and in a response video says he has something for the hacker in his next video, everyone watch out Soulja Boy’s angry haha.

Soulja Boy Hacker’s Videos


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B-Real Signs Solo Deal With Duck Down Records

Da Brat gets 3 years

Crooked I “Welcome to my city”

Young Jeezy Cosigns Michael Phelps

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Hahaha I had to post this when I read it. After Jeezy found out that “Go Getta” was one of Phelps’ favorite songs he had a lot to say about it. He said he is a fan of Phelps and the Olympics and that their respective camps have contacted each other. Do I feel a Jeezy/Phelps song dropping in the future? Haha no way but he did say something about possibly doing a concert in Phelps’ hometown of B-More.

My favorite quote:

“I’m a big fan of Michael Phelps! He’s a great success. I like what he’s doing. He’s like the Young Jeezy of the swim world. I love it!”

I want to become the Young Jeezy of the internet world!

Get the full article here.


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Streets most wanted 18 MIXTAPE

More info on DMXs reality TV SHOW

Chamillionaire feat. Trae & Slim Thug “My Life”

Check out Xplosive\’s World

Game vs Bow Wow: MADDEN showdown